Over 95 Years of
Quality, Speed & Accuracy

Our fourth-generation family business with long-time craftsmen on staff ensures we have the knowledge and expertise to start and finish your project.

Precision CNC Machining & Hydroforming:
From Prototype to Production


With a full range of services from design to production, our metal craftsmen and technicians will complete your project on schedule and within your budget.


We’re certified to meet stringent regulations for your aerospace project, whether you’re working on an aerospace project, in the government, or for the private sector.


Join our team of metal craftsman who have a commitment to quality and excellence at every step of the manufacturing process.


With over 95 years in the industry, our facility has evolved over the decades. See our plant, people, and processes at work.

Streamline the Process

Expert Metal Craftsmen

Partner with us for the best advice on cost-saving techniques and tolerances so your product performs well for the best price.

With C.B. Kaupp, you have all services in one place: from engineering, solving problems, and finalizing inspections. We’ll help you build every tool, part, or component necessary to complete your project.

Precision & Perfection

In order to maintain quality for each step in production, associates take responsibility for their operations throughout the inspection process. We routinely inspect with a microscope to ensure each cut meets your tolerances. We work from a position of proactive problem solving instead of correcting mistakes.

Minimize Lead Times

By becoming your one-stop-shop from prototype to production, we meet your tight deadlines with our knowledge of your product from the beginning of production. Our machines quickly adjust for changes during the prototype stage, and we have your dies and tools in stock when the time comes to put a part into production or reorder.

Accuracy & Critical Tolerances

Our precision CNC machining facilities can meet your tolerance requirements up to thousandths of an inch, and we always have your budget and lead time in mind. If your metal forming project can be achieved with lower tolerances, our metal craftsmen will work with you for an economical approach.

Our History

Founder Carl Bernhardt Kaupp started on the consumer side of the industry and brought those principles of customer service and design to metal working and, later, precision CNC machining.

Each generation added production capabilities with new machines — even operating the new tools themselves to train the other technicians.

With formal training in engineering and business management, the family team grew to offer a prototype to production facility, meeting the demands of the aerospace industry around the county.

Modern Technology with a Legacy of Quality

Our machines use the latest technology to keep up with the demands of each industry, and our expert craftsmen operate those machines with the commitment to quality, speed, and accuracy that has served us for four generations.


Metal hydroforming decreases thinning and waste while increasing accuracy with complex geometries.

Laser Cutting

Modern laser cutting technology allows us to make full use of a material, maintain tight tolerances, and minimize lead times.


Our precision CNC machining and milling facility provides high quality services with inspections every step of the way.

5-Axis Haas

The 5-Axis Haas machine brings complexity and speed to every project with fewer interruptions during production.