Precision Laser Cutting

The ultimate tool for precision cutting.

Always Precise Without Wearing Down

Why are lasers a top tool for modern machining? The beam of light never wears down. Even making hundreds of cuts per minute, the beam stays precise throughout production.

Precision Laser Cutting Process

Due to this precision, we can program cuts very close to each other and fit as many pieces on a single sheet of metal or acrylic as possible. Not only do lasers cut, but they also weld intricate pieces to complete a project from another machine.

As a full-service metal forming facility, we work with you on more than just the laser segment of the project. Some pieces use all the machines, and our metal craftsmen are ready to help you find the most efficient way to meet your stringent tolerances.

Whether you need a single part or a new tool, our New Jersey laser cutting shop will become your new partner with strict tolerances and quick turn-around times.


As a more modern practice in manufacturing, precision laser cutting saves you time and material, and can be used across multiple industries.

Saves Time

Our laser cutting machines run in multiple shifts, even overnight, to minimize lead times on your projects and use our tools efficiently.

Saves Material

With precision programming and cutting, our technicians arrange pieces close together so no metal is wasted.

Multiple Mediums

Laser cutting isn’t just for sheet metal — although we’re able to cut almost all types of metal. Laser also engraves and cuts acrylic or glass.

Even more benefits of lasers

While lasers are not the answer for all machining, they do hold some benefits over traditional die cutting and other processes. First, you don’t need to make a die! With programming, the laser can be adjusted precisely and often for changes in prototypes and smaller runs of products. Without the additional tooling, businesses save time and money.

Second, because the laser beam vaporizes the metal on its path, it leaves behind a high-quality surface without finishing techniques needed to clean it up (and less machine maintenance).

Finish Your Project with Precision Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is often the next step after tubular hydroforming. After the sheet metal is formed, a laser will cut additional shapes or add the etched barcode to a finished product. Across aerospace, military, and automotive industries, you’ll find laser marking serial numbers, as well as welding and cleanup.

While not related to metal forming, lasers are being used in the medical field and for jewelry making, and even for craft stencil-making, proving its versatility and precision in all areas.