Attention to detail from prototype through production.

Modern Technology with a Legacy of Quality

Our precision machining services use the latest technology to keep up with the demands of each industry, and our expert craftsmen operate those machines with a commitment to quality, speed, and accuracy that has served us for four generations.


Metal hydroforming decreases thinning and waste while increasing accuracy in complex geometries.

Laser Cutting

Modern laser cutting technology allows us to make full use of a material, maintain tight tolerances, and minimize lead times.


Our CNC Milling facility provides high precision services with inspections every step of the way.

5-Axis HAAS

The 5-Axis Haas machine brings complexity and speed to every project with fewer interruptions during production.

Four Generations of Precision Machining Services

Since 1924, C.B. Kaupp & Sons has kept up with the latest in industrial machining to serve clients’ needs. With high precision milling services, they supported the growing aerospace and automotive industries as technology increased. The commitment to quality, accuracy, and speed sets them apart, as well as the legacy of engineering within the Kaupp family.

Through a tradition of personal service, the Kaupp family still oversees drawings and designing procedures. Staff meetings keep each project implementation on schedule, while inspections by microscope lead to accuracy for each step of the process.

Additional Precision Machining Services

With a full-service machine facility, Kaupp provides even more precision services to help you take your product from prototype to production with quality, speed and accuracy.


If you’re designing a symmetrical piece, then spin forming may be the best fit. Whether you need stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium spinning, we’ll complete the project with precision.


We’ll take your project to the finish line with piecing, notching, embossing, welding, brazing, metal fabrication, and more.

Tool & Die

No need to order the die elsewhere before starting a project. We’ll develop a custom tool for you, or our craftsmen can repurpose another tool to speed up production times.

Warehouse &

To keep your project on schedule, we stock a range of metals onsite to get started with production right away. We also keep your tools and dies on hand for the next project.