5-Axis Haas

Complex designs with precision accuracy.

Count on Quality, Speed, and Accuracy

Our 5-axis Haas machine achieves complicated geometries without repositioning the part throughout the process: ultimately saving you time and money on your project.

Precision Laser Cutting Process

While complex pieces were possible on a combination of 3+2axis machining, the 5-axis Haas eliminates the manual resetting of the metal piece for each turn. All surfaces can be reached by the cutting tool (aside from the clamp area and bottom), while maintaining the tight tolerances required by the industry.

Our expert metal craftsmen always hold a standard of quality, speed, and accuracy. With 5-axis machining, C.B. Kaupp & Sons raises that standard by offering the next level of technology. You’re guaranteed to receive a quality piece within the timeline and tolerances you need.

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Why 5-Axis Machining

Not all pieces need a 5-axis machine to achieve the necessary accuracy. But this CNC process may provide the extra time savings and accuracy you need for your project.

Time Saving

5-axis machining brings the piece closer to the cutting tool, eliminating the need to move the part during the process. Time savings lead to cost savings overall.

Better Accuracy

The fewer times you adjust the piece, the more accurate the cutting tool becomes. The machine follows the programming precisely.

Complex Shapes

Each additional axis allows the machine to cut difficult shapes on multiple surfaces. With less manual rotation, Kaupp achieves quality, speed, and accuracy.

More about 5-axis machining…

CNC machining simply stands for “Computer Numerical Control” where an engineer programs a design into the machine for production. The craftsmen loads and unloads the metal piece into the cutting machine. With a 5-axis machine, the craftsman only needs to load the part once to complete the design.

5-axis machining vs. 3+2-axis

More human manipulation affects the accuracy of each piece. While Kaupp always holds a high standard of accuracy, a 5-axis machine achieves that goal faster than any other system. Previously, we needed to rely on the combination of 3- and 2-axis machines in order to complete a complex project. Again, this always served us well, but now production runs faster.

What works best for your project

Because of the Kaupp commitment to customer service, we will always work with you on the best machine for your project. If you’re building a project from prototype to production, we’ll guide you on the best tool to use and our history with your specific piece will keep lead times shorter each step of the way.